Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy in Malaysia

So just arrived home after a Wonderful WONDERFUL~ trip to KL.. IN THE RAIN!! demmit.. it's been days.. everyday rain is pouring down =,=" i needed to go to KL for something.. and i thought.. why not go today?? maybe you can go in the morning before it starts to rain.. fyi.. it always rains from the afternoon until midnight.. it's really irritating.. i couldn't get things done.. aiyaaa~

So i decided to go to KL TODAY.. it hasn't rain yet.. so i guess i was safe =)) but to bad.. when i arrived in Mid Valley, it started to pour like hell.. it was not typical rain.. i mean.. i really pours.. i couldn't even keep my bike on a straight line because the wind draft was too strong =,="

And genius me go and got my visor deigned . so i can't keep my visor closed because if i did that then i couldn't see anything.. literally.. i could see nothing.. so i had to keep it up.. and my face.. GOD.. feels like it is being poked by thousands and thousands of needles.. my face was going numb.. so i could only go for about 30km/h.. if i went any faster, i think my face would rip apart =,= i got in KL around 1:50 p.m. got what i needed.. and i went back.. arrived home at around 3.45 p.m. 2 hour ride demmit.. in the damn rain =,=" it felt like i was going through sunway lagoon.. haish.. well.. WONDERFUL experience i might say.. can't wait to do it again =,="

there was actually a big hotel near the 2nd lamp post.. but you wont even noticed it is there

the gutters became waterfall

the other side was banjir already

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